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What do you get from these words?

Each word has a meaning that likely conveys MISSION. It's as though soldiers communicate in a difficult- to- understand language. Alike, computer understand machine language I.e Binary System. It is first introduced by Gottfried Wilhem in 17 th century.
To store data, human mind use brain and computer employ transistors.

Everything appears to appear complex if you don't know these words.

You need to know what the hack is encoding and decoding as it's often utilized in computer language.

Encoding is the process of converting text into binary code that computer read. Decoding implies translating binary code into text that people can understand.

What is Machine Language?

Machine language is one that computer devices use to translate text to binary. Binary codes forms two digits I.e (0,1).

0,1 is a binary code that depicts 0( off) and 1 (on). These are the electrical signals of computers.

A bit is the smallest unit in a computer. And byte is equal to the combination of eight bits. The binary system is the code that calculates, translates and form English text. Digital text is also a binary number.

1byte= 8 bits

Bit represent ( 0-9 ) number.

But, do you understand these machine languages?

Yes, we can learn, this but reading the entire data and transforming binary code to text is a herculean task. This is often used in computer programming languages.

Don't you think so?

There is one popular online method for converting binary to text I.e ASCII. The American Standard Code for information interchange(ASCII) translates binary codes to English. In 1963, ASCII is used as a text to spread data in numeric, punctuation and alphabets. It uses 128 codes representing lower (a) and upper case(A).

Like B= 1000010, C= 1000011, D= 1000110

010= Upper letter(A-Z)
011= Lower letter(a-z)

If you want to learn more, visit

Binary code has a positional place and the base is 2.


if base has power one then = 2

If base has power of two then = 2( 2*2= 4)

base has power of four then= (2*2*2*2=16)

How to decode binary code to text?

ASCII characters have the word limit which abstains other characters from being used in foreign languages. This ASCII text is useless for Mandarin and another European languages. Hence, Unicode serves  as a binary code translator. 

If you intend to do it manually, you must first learn how to convert binary code into decimal, then decimal into text.

But, if you want to make your work easy then must try Binary Convertor. (brownie point) It's a free tool and easy to use. This programme convert binary to text and text to binary

Follow the simple steps and enjoy the process:

  1. Write( paste) binary code into the format.
  2. Then click Convertor
  3. Entire codes will get converted into text.




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